The ST-10 Osprey is a Mobile Frame in the Solar Calendar setting.

The Osprey is the favored mobile frame of the Terran Transit Marines (TTM). A marvel of modern but unproven technologies, the Osprey is lighter and faster than many mobile frames, but that is achieved through using capacitors that can only be used for a single sortie before needing a recharge.[1]


Though the Osprey is based around the ST-03 standard used by most of the Terran Military, its requirement for operating in 0G environments around transit gates make it's design unique. The frame's chassis is made of low-density polycarbonates and foamed titanium, and its' powered by a set of supercapacitors. The combination of these features make the Osprey one of the lightest and most maneuverable mobile frames.

Each Osprey is generally serviced each time it returns to the hangar by a dedicated crew for that pilot and frame. The specialized design of the frame and the short life of the supercapacitors require such frequent maintenance.



Main Source: Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Rulebook


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