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Parts Lists for Individual Frames.  I'm using BrickOwl because it's so much more user friendly and I can easily share a simple parts list via a link.  BrickLink has vastly more vendors and parts available but no such features for sharing stuff like this.  You can easily translate the part numbers to BrickLink though and make your own wish list over there.  Maybe I'll post some XML files in the future so you can just import tham to BrickLink. 

Keep in mind no color scheme has been chosen here.  All the parts are just grey, black, and white.  If you want more variety in your colors you'll need to make sure you change the colors when you are shopping for parts.  To get ideas on colors simply look up images of these frame names and see which parts you'd want to change the color on. 

Also no parts are left over here for creating systems and weapons.  You'll have to source parts and build those seperately.  Maybe I'll add some parts lists for weapons later. 


by Soren Roberts

ST-02D Commissar Edit

by Soren Roberts

WT-04Fs Hi-LegEdit

by Soren Roberts

ST-07 ChubEdit

by Soren Roberts

ST-10 Osprey Edit

by Soren Roberts

Ijad "Scrambler"Edit

by Soren Roberts

Coming Soon...Edit

More lists to come soon!