Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack is an indie tabletop wargame by Vincent Baker and Joshua A.C. Newman featuring tiny giant LEGO® robots battling across the tabletop!

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack is the revised tenth anniversary edition of Vincent Baker's tabletop wargame Mechaton. The game delivers tense, tactical gameplay with giant robots called mobile frames fighting for control of the tabletop! Players build their own mobile frames out of LEGO® or other building toys, give create some objectives to defend, lay out a table with a few friends, and fight! The rulebook includes play rules, mobile frame building guides, tons of setting information, and even instructions for how to make your own setting!

The rulebook can be bought or downloaded via the official Mobile Frame Zero website:

About the RulesEdit

UMFL Legionnaires in combat

Giant robots! LEGO®! Strategy and tactics!

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack is designed to be playable with two to five players, each fielding a company of mobile frames of different strengths. The game keeps tension high by making sure that no player ever quite has enough frames, equipment, or time to be a sure thing. In fact, the player in the strongest points position to win is the player with the weakest company; if you expect to fight from a difficult position, be ready to run away and come back in another round!

Play starts with the doomsday clock set to 11. Every turn, it ticks down by one automatically. At 0 the game ends. But adding to that is the possibility that each player can mark it down faster. If you're winning, you'll mark it down every round. If you think you'll be winning this round, you'll mark it down. Players never really know how soon the game will end until the very end.

Rules are tightly tied to the frames themselves. Every frame has its own two white dice, then has added to it up to four subsystems. Those systems help the frame move, attack at one of three ranges, defend themselves, and observe & communicate. When a frame takes damage, it takes damage by losing those systems. 

Play takes between 2.5 and 4 hours, depending on the age and number of players. Eager 10-year-olds seem to grasp the game well, but it offers a constantly flowing sea of tactical options to more experienced players.

–Joshua A.C. Newman, Mobile Frame Zero:Rapid Attack Kickstarter