A ST-07 Chub mobile frame

A Mobile Frame is a human piloted robot designed or designated for police or military service in the Mobile Frame Zero universe.

Mobile Frames are a common technology among the colonies of the Solar Union and are becoming increasingly common on Ijad planets as well. There are thousands of models, from garage-built combat racing machines to mass-produced military machines.

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack rulebook, pg 151


Mobile Frames are descendents of labor frames. Developed with a similar goal in mind, mobile frames are designed to allowing one pilot to do the work or fighting of six.


The primary technology that makes mobile frames possible is muscle cylinders.

Frame ControlsEdit

Civilian frames, and military models derived from civilian models like the Commissar or the Ijad standard-model Scrambler, use various degrees of body emulation. Most worker models have a big interal arm-and-torso control harness with pedals for the legs. In general such frames take pretty minimal training to use precisely and effectively. They do have the downside of fatiguing even veteran users fairly quickly, and long term use can lead to some idiosyncratic joint damage.

Purpose-built combat frames like the Chub use a control system of sticks, switches, and pedals linked to programmable, contextual movement and behavior macros filtered by a rudimentary AI. This system grants significant advantages in speed, flexibility and endurance; the system can carry out actions instantly, operates a wide variety of body plans, and a pilot can operate a frame for days on end like this with low fatigue. The disadvantages are lack of precision and a steep learning curve.

Both control systems need to be exercised to sync everything up and typically require a helmet that feeds sensor data directly to a pilot's eyes and ears; the helmet tracks eye movements and aligns visual and auditory sensors to match. The amount of incoming data can be difficult to process at once; frame pilots with PTSD often develop a very distinct and noticeable pattern of uncontrolled face- and neck-twitches.[1]


The typical mobile frame weighs in around 6-9 tons 'wet' (loaded with muscle cylinder fluid, weapons, and ammo) and maybe a ton or two less 'dry'.[2]


Main Source: Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Rulebook