The Free Colonies is a term that identifies both colonies and organizations who have aligned themselves with the Free Colonies movement; the movement erupted following the events of the uprising known as the "Battle of Quall" and continues as an ongoing series of revolutions against the Solar Union's control of the colonies. Members of the Free Colonies movement are largely drawn from the those colonies struggling with the socioeconomic impacts of either abandonment or oppression by their parent companies. Low on resources and driven by sociopolitical frustrations, these revolutionaries fight a guerrilla war against the Solar Union and its representatives.




The independent colonies and sympathetic revolutionary bodies that make up the Free Colonies have no formal governing body but the last year has seen increasing discussion of federation under a central government. Many members of the Free Colonies have even taken to calling their communication network “The Federation Network” and have begun using it to take votes.

Planets and SatellitesEdit

Quall System Map




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