Close Combat Weapons are a variety of weapons used by mobile frames at hand-to-hand combat ranges.

Frame Combat KnifeEdit

Frame Combat Knife
The 1.5m duralin blade on a mobile frame combat knife such as this one is a simple but effective method of defeating sophisticated armor.

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack rulebook, pg. 32

"Eshaku Ghanatehe" ClawsEdit

Ijad Eshaku Ghanatehe
Ijad "Eshaku Ghanatehe" claws mimic the fighting weapons of the ghanat, allowing the ghanat inside the Scrambler to react with its natural instincts in a fight - talent most Ijad lack.

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack rulebook, pg. 39

System LoadoutEdit


See AlsoEdit

Fusion Edge

Sources Main Source: Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Rulebook

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